Medium-Postcard-Portrait-US-TemplateFloral Design Collection – Gouache

This was a collection I created based on my hikes in a little park in Pennsylvania in the town where I grew up. The Stargazer Lily and Sunflower paintings were commissions that were specially requested, but all the others were flowers that I had observed growing in the wild. It is still such a thrill when I see some of these old friends as I walk around in the woods in New Jerey – and I’ve found so many lovely new ones! I will be adding to this collection as I find new flowers to design images with.

Wild Bird Collection – Gouache

This is a new collection I have started combining my love of flowers with wild song birds. These again will be a series based on birds I have observed from my deck and on my walks in the woods of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Many of them will be birds I have loved from childhood and some are thrilling rare visitors whose flitting presence is engraved on my memory!