Welcome to the official website for my Illustration and Art collections.

Illustration art is my life long passion. I have trained for many years and continue to study illustration and design, being heavily inspired by the Golden Age illustrators. My greatest influences were painters like Maxfield Parrish, J.C. Lyendecker, Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth to the more modern masters, Leo & Diane Dillon, The Hildebrandts, Julie Bell, Greg Manchess, Donato Giancola, Thomas Blackshear and Thomas Fluharty. I have always loved botanical and animal art, especially art by Linda K. Powell, since I was a child. I have been studying their methods and processes for years learning how to craft images I have dreamed of creating.

This site has a sampling of all of my interests in creating art – Narrative, Editorial and Botanical/Animal illustration and design, as well as the mediums I love to work in; oil, gouache, colored pencil.

You can find a shop for my original art and a link to purchasing prints and merchandise here on this site.

For any inquiries please email me at JuliaLPowellArts@Gmail.com.